Focus on front-end development, currently in Shanghai, China.

I'm CaptainOfPhB and my Chinese name is 戴江涛. My hometown is in Tianshui, Gansu province where I have lived for about 20 years. I worked for China Mobile company for one year and a half after graduating from XUT(Xi'an University of Technology) in 2016. I quitted the job when I found I'm really interested about the coding, so I found my first front-end development job in 2018 at Shanghai after learning the front-end development for about a half year.

At present, I have 4 years of experience and have been developing with React.js for over 3 years. I've been developing backend management systems for most of my work. I try to keep my code clean and simple, and I'm always trying to find a better way to solve problems.

I like to traveling by self-driving with my friends outside of work, and sometime I would like to cooking at home. Also, I have two lovely cats who have been with me for three years.

I try to learn English and some new techniques in my spare time. I would appreciate it if you could teach me anything new to me. Feel free to contact me.

Looking forward to your mail.

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